Dorthy Grissom Mack

As a very proud Boone descendant, Dorthy has continued the decades of genealogy research that she inherited from her mother many years ago, and has a database of well over 500,000 names in her computer.  Her private library of Boone and allied families now consists of more than 300 volumes and is still growing on a regular basis.

Dorthy descends from Edward Boone, and she and her husband have traveled around the country doing family genealogy research, taking pictures of gravestones and cemeteries and visiting local libraries.  She is committed to helping anyone that needs assistance with their family heritage and spends many hours each day doing just that.  Dorthy is a diligent and very thoughtful researcher, and the Boone Society is very proud of her.

If you need help with your Boone Family research, Dorthy will be happy to assist you if you will send her the following information.


In order to assist you in your research, please include the following information as far back as you know it to be accurate:

Name/(including)Spouses Name/Dates of Birth/Death/Marriage and places of residences for:




Great-Great Grandparents_______________________________________________

Include any other information that may help to identify your ancestors, keeping in mind that Federal Census records are only available between 1790 – 1930, excluding 1890. Federal  Census records from 1790-1840 records only the Head of Household.

If Dorthy can be of assistance, she can be contacted at